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 Protect and enhance your vehicle with ceramic coatings. We are Pittsburgh’s premiere ceramic coating installer! Call or text 412-780-4115 today!

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating is not a wax or sealant.  It will not wash away or breakdown.  It is a nano ceramic shield that forms a permanent diamond hard bond with the paint that prevents harmful substances from reaching the surface.  Road dirt, mineral deposits and environmental fallout are easily washed off. At Future Image we are one of the only shops that provide a true “professional coating ” using only Ceramic-pro.  This product is far superior to any of our competitors that typically use consumer based materials with false product claims. Ceramic-pro paired with Future Image will keep your car looking factory new for years to come!

sedan automobile with ceramic coating

We offer 3 packages for ceramic coating

1. Silver

2. Silver +

3. Gold

What is PPF?

Paint Protection Film is a clear film that is placed over your car’s body panels to protect them from damage. A thin and maleable urethane material, PPF is invisible to the naked eye once in place. It is also self healing, meaning when heat is applied any small scratches and swirls get restored back to the original condition. Our expert technicians are pros at applying this film smoothly and cleanly.

We use the industry’s best brands:

Not sure if ceramic coating or paint protection film is right for you? Contact Future Image today to discuss the options.